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used vinyl records san diego thrift traders hidden gems

Vinyl. There’s nothing like it. For true music lovers, vinyl adds depth and context and texture, extending the musical experience far beyond a beloved song or album. Ask any vinyl lover where she first heard her favorite song, and she’ll be able to tell you a whole lot more than that. She’ll tell you what the weather was like that day, who else was in the record shop, and what was playing on the shop’s overhead speakers.

That’s because shopping for vinyl records heightens the senses and embeds the experience in our souls. When you love something the way some of us love music, you want it to last forever, right?  

And we want that for you. At Thrift Trader in San Diego, an hour or two spent thumbing through our selection of used vinyl records will provide a sensory experience unlike any you’ll have on iTunes.  

If you want more depth and texture in your musical world, come see us and lose yourself in these five aspects of shopping for and listening to vinyl:


Sure, you can go online and find a digital version of just about any song you want, but if you’ve never flipped through stacks of albums and to put your hands the sleeves, you’re missing out. The tactile sensation of the hunt puts you up close and personal with the music before you even hear it.


Record stores have always been more than just a place to buy records. They’re a place where time slows and a mutual love of music leads to social connections. Whole Saturdays disappear, and lifelong friendships are started over record bins.


When you head out shopping for used vinyl, you might have an idea of what you’re looking for, but you never know what you’ll find.  The exhilaration of flipping through a vinyl bin to unexpectedly land on your magical unicorn of a record (the one you’d all but given up looking for) will get your heart racing and your blood flowing.


Back in the day, “record listening parties” were an actual thing, and there’s a reason people are bringing them back. Because music is social and meant to be shared.  Vinyl has the magical ability to bring people together. But even when you bring your records home and listen to them by yourself, the experience you get to have with the vinyl and the sleeve in your hands makes you feel like you’re never really alone.


People who don’t “get” vinyl always complain about the surface noise. But we vinyl lovers feel a warmth in that sound, an intimacy. It’s the imperfection of real life, and for us, it makes the music more accessible and tangible. Sure, sterile and pristine is good for some things, like when we use the music on our iPods to enhance a road trip, but when we’re listening to our music in front of the record player, we love the sounds of vinyl.

Yeah, no doubt about it, vinyl adds a depth and texture we can’t find anywhere else.



At $1-$20, our prices are excellent, too. Come lose yourself in our inventory. Let us help heighten your senses and embed your next musical experience in your soul. We have locations in Pacific Beach or North Park. 


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