7 reasons why thrift shopping will make you a happier person


7 reasons why thrift shopping will make you a happier person

“Retail therapy” is one of those phrases often used as a joke, but there’s a grain of truth to the idea that shopping can boost your mood. Sometimes it’s the thrill of the hunt, and sometimes it’s the comfort of shiny new things. Either way, retail therapy tends to provide a temporary sort of happiness, and in our opinion, regular thrift shopping can produce long-term results. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You can find designer and vintage clothes at unbelievable prices

Rich people clear their closets like the rest of us, which is why you can find designer labels in excellent condition at thrift stores for a fraction of the original price. Vintage gems can also be found in the racks, and because fashion is cyclical, you’ll have the style edge wearing items that current designers are mimicking on the runway. And let’s face it, looking good feels good. Even more so if you scored your styley duds at a bargain price. 

  1. You’ll never see someone in the same outfit

There’s nothing worse than being an unwitting participant of “who wore it best?” Instead of rocking the department store clone look, thrift shoppers have access to a diverse, constantly-refreshed inventory that all but guarantees an utterly unique outfit, every time.

  1. You can take a trip down memory lane

Just because you have no intention of buying those high-waist jeans or sequined prom dress or *NSync T-shirt doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the memories they conjure. And who knows—maybe that ultra-90s Gap sweater vest will make a comeback this fall.

  1. You don’t have to suffer through a break-in period

Secondhand clothes are prewashed and preshrunk, which means however they look in the fitting room mirror is how they will look for as long as you own them. This is especially advantageous when it comes to shoes—no more blisters from breaking in a new pair!

  1. Your gift-giving will become legend

The best gifts are unexpected, unique, and tailored to the recipient’s taste and personality, and there’s no better place to find a gift that meets all those qualifications than a thrift store. And if you’re looking for a White Elephant gift that partygoers will be talking about for months after the holidays, look no further than your local secondhand shop.

  1. No trips to the mall. We repeat: NO TRIPS TO THE MALL

Pushy crowds, high prices, sterile décor, the lingering scent of corndogs in the air—malls aren’t for everyone. If you’re the type who’d rather wear the same pair of jeans for a year than step into a mall, consider shopping at thrift stores. They’re one-stop shops that cater to various ages, genders, and style preferences. 

  1. You can help save the environment

The greatest happiness comes from supporting a good cause, and as far as causes go, saving the environment is near the top of the list. Thrifting reduces landfill waste and ensures your money isn’t supporting toxic textile manufacturing, so you can rock that vintage silk sundress with a clear conscience. 

Improve your attitude—stop in today!

Whether you’re looking for an instant mood lifter or long-term serenity, Thrift Trader in San Diego welcomes your eye for style. And we also welcome your clothes to buy or trade—buying hours at our North Park and Pacific Beach locations run from 10am-6pm daily.


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