7 Essentials You Want To Thrift For This Summer


7 essentials you want to thrift for this summer

Hey there, thrifty traders! Ready to update your summer style with hot-weather must-haves? Fashion trends this season call for funky experimentation, fresh pattern/color combos, and a trip back in time to when grunge was king. Here are 7 essentials you want to thrift for this summer:

Bold blazers

Whether you’re enjoying a beachside brunch or outdoor concert at twilight, a slick blazer in bold colors (or striking white) will class up any outfit—and protect your arms from that occasional evening chill. Pair with a floral romper or an easy breezy shirt dress.

Band shirts

Sometimes die-hard music fans aren’t die-hard forever, so keep your eye out for obscure bands and rare concert tees to add to your personal favorites. And if you want to expand beyond the jeans-and-T-shirt trope, try pairing band shirts with patterned cords, flowy skirts, or bright palazzo pants.

Loud patterns

Demand attention with eye-catching patterned pieces like plaid crop tops, striped midi skirts, colorful maxi dresses, and Western button-ups. While successful pattern-mixing remains the purview of the fiercest fashionistas, anyone can pair eclectic patterns with bold colors for a fresh, edgy look.

Denim vests

Like their long-sleeved jacket cousins, denim vests are great base pieces that easily accompany everything from maxi dresses to rompers. Denim also works with nearly every fabric texture, color and pattern, so you’ll get tons of use out of a single vest.

90s throwbacks

While elements of 90s grunge culture are hot items this summer, it’s important to be selective—you don’t want to look like a Nirvana-era time traveler. That means flannels and Timberlands are out, but A-line miniskirts, crop-tops, overalls, Doc Martens, and Drew Barrymore-inspired flower decals are definitely in.

Shoes of substance

Another 90s staple—chunky heels—are on-trend this summer to complement all your fashion needs, from casual hang-out wear to a first date outfit that could snag a second date all on its own. Think strappy platform sandals and thick-heeled Skechers-throwback sneakers.

Unexpected accessories

There’s nothing like getting a genuine double-take as you strut down the street, especially when your admirer is equally fashion-forward. One way to turn a nice outfit into one that’ll earn a thumbs-up from total strangers is a bold, unexpected accessory like a vintage belt cinching up a shirt dress, or a sizeable statement necklace against a simple flowy shirt.

Fashion for one, fashion for all

You might need to make room in your closet before stocking up on summer essentials. Lucky for you, at Thrift Traders, we buy and trade modern and vintage clothing. Buying hours are 10-6pm daily at our North Park and Pacific Beach locations. Who knows? That nearly-new sweater you haven’t worn in years could be on someone’s list of fall essentials!


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