[3,000 Subscriber Special] Polly Pocket & Friends swimsuit/bikini scenes (Volume Two: 2018 Reboot)


Two days ago, I have an idea to make a second video featuring swimsuit/bikini scenes from the “Polly Pocket” franchise, this time solely focusing on the 2018 reboot series by WildBrain (formerly DHX Media). A couple hours ago, I edited all of the swimsuit scenes from five episodes of said reboot’s first season, as well as the trailer for that season.

Minutes ago, I found out I hit the 3,000-subscriber threshold. Just now, I upload this nearly 14-minute video of swimsuit/bikini scenes from the “Polly Pocket” reboot to celebrate that milestone. Yep, pretty well-written backstory for this video right here, I can tell you that.

It’s the subscribers, supporters, and fans that make me keep this channel going. I wanna say thank you to everyone for yet another milestone! If you’re here for cartoon girls, some Noodle Dancing, “Mario Kart Wii” mods, or anything else, thank you for the support.

For this video, expect a genius girl voiced by Scootaloo’s mother, a fashion-savvy redhead voiced by Silver Spoon who appears in her swimsuit way too much, and a shy nerdy black girl with the singing voice of an American-accented Rarity.

Click on this link to watch volume one if you want to look at swimsuit/bikini scenes from different incarnations of “Polly Pocket”:

The episodes seen in this video are (not counting the trailer, in order of appearance):
“Tiny Powers Part 2” (Polly, Lila, and Shani)
“Mission Ring: Impossible” (Lila only)
“Swimsational” (Polly, Lila, Shani, and others)
“Snowball Effect” (Shani only)
“A Yacht Of Problems” (Polly only)

Credit goes to the official Polly Pocket YouTube channel for the footage!

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If there’s a cartoon girl I missed, let me know and I’ll hopefully upload your request! I’ll accept swimsuit, bikini, nightgown/pajamas, unconscious, and outfits outside of normal clothing.

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  1. András Kőszegi 25 April, 2020 at 20:31 Reply

    Wow at 0:36 I hardly ever saw any other cartoon which showed realistically when a girl's swimsuit was or became wet not to mention if it only became partly wet like The girl in blue swimsuit. In the gravity fall it seems Mabel's swimsuit only gets halfly wet even after she swims under the water.

  2. Daniel Gomez 25 April, 2020 at 20:31 Reply

    The Reedster can you remember to also do the swimsuit scenes from the new animated series of Barbie, which is called a Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures.

    For the next video I would like to see Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures swimsuit scenes

  3. Gyorgy Lorand 25 April, 2020 at 20:31 Reply

    Congrats for your subs ! Will you upload these swimsuit scenes :
    Chloe Carmichael and Vicky (The Fairly OddParents)
    Ami and Yumi (Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi)
    Yumi (Code Lyoko)
    Other fish in swimsuits from SpongeBob
    The Loud Sisters from The Loud House
    Enid (OK K.O, Let's Be Heroes)
    Dora (Dora the Explorer)
    Alicia (Go Diego Go)
    Charlotte (The Adventures of Kid Danger)
    Penny (Netflix Inspector Gadget)
    More from Teen Titans Go and The Powerpuff Girls reboot
    UniKitty !
    The Chipettes (Alvin and the Chipmunks reboot)

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